The New Addition

It seems like Labor Day is an appropriate time to share that our baby boy, Gavin Jacob, was born on August 16th! His entrance into the world partially explains my extended blogging hiatus. That, and the fact that I didn’t do ANY cooking during the last three, er, four weeks of my pregnancy. We’re slowly but surely getting into the swing of things, so I am hoping to return to the kitchen/blog, at least a little more frequently.
As one can imagine, life lately has been all about diapers, feeding, and becoming reacquainted with hours of the night that haven’t been seen since college. Thankfully my mom was in town for two weeks, so she provided an extra set of helping hands; she also acted as our personal chef, preparing delicious home-cooked meals each night. We’re so lucky to have had family travel to St. Louis to meet our son, and we’re looking forward to being able to introduce him to more family and friends in the comingĀ  months.

I’m excited to share more glorious recipes with you in the near future, but in the meantime, here are some pics from the past two weeks!

Brothers getting to know each other:

The delicious spread at Gavin’s bris:
IMG_6816 IMG_6814 IMG_6815

Adorable cookie bouquet sent from my friend:

Dinner brought over by a neighbor, which included a faro salad with grapes, goat cheese, celery and radicchio – I must get the recipe!

One of my mom’s desserts – angel food cake with lemon glaze + strawberries & blueberries (she fed us well!):

First sushi dinner in 9 months…also the first time celebrating our wedding anniversary with carry-out:

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