Sunday’s weather was a bit peculiar; it was unclear if there was going to be rain or sunshine. With the early morning uncertainty, it wasn’t quite pool weather, so I took that opportunity to venture to the west loop with my husband to try Publican Quality Meats for bruch. This offshoot of The Publican has had a top spot on my “must try” list since they added table service in April.

Although I’m not a weird-meats-adventurer, I was still awed by the tour of PQM’s meat cooler that we were given upon our arrival. For those vegetarians or weak-stomached, I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say I’ve never seen anything like it! (And my husband might have lost his appetite) To get the aged, cured, and smaller versions of what I saw, head up to the butcher’s case for these items to-go.

Following our viewing, we were seated outside to observe the fickle weather. We shared the French Toast and Sausage from the brunch menu, and Sarge’s Mom’s Meatball from the sandwich menu. Although the dishes didn’t go together, perse, I had no problem eating them in the same sitting.

A taste of the French toast, house-made sausage, and oozy egg all in one bite was truly something special. And the meatball sandwich, which was served on a toasted buttery lobster roll, was not your average meatball sub with the finger-lickin’ red pepper curry sauce and crumbled feta cheese. All this was washed down with a giant frothy latte.

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