The last four weekends have been a whirlwind of traveling and entertaining. First I was in Columbus, then LA, next our parents were in town, and finally the craziness ended this weekend in South Beach.My mother-in-law was generous enough to take my sister-in-law and me on a girls weekend trip! We lucked out with blue skies and flawless 85 degree weather. Although Florida was relaxing and rejuvenating, the “go go go” of the last four weeks has left me excited to get my life back in order and my head on a little straighter.We arrived in sunny Miami Thursday afternoon and quickly settled into vacation mode with massive desserts at Serendipity. The Red Velvet Cake Sundae with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles was insane! The tower of sweets melted away before we could begin to dent the heavenly treat.
Friday night we had an enjoyable dinner outside at BLT Steak in The Betsy Hotel. The Southern-style hotel looked like a plantation, and had a warm, homey feel; it was nice contrast to the art-deco decor that is rampant in South Beach. The food was amazing, from the tender filet and miso glazed cod (which I also had here), to the side of BBQ corn. And the warm popovers the size of your face cannot be missed!
Saturday night we went to Barton G Restaurant, where it’s all about the presentation and shock value. This one-of-a-kind restaurant displays the drink and food menu on iPads, and the dessert menu on iPods. The food arrives along side large, exaggerated props that make the dishes more like a satire than sustenance. I ordered the “Lured by Grouper”, which came with a giant fish that was almost too large to photograph! The Florida grouper was served with lobster tater tots and creamy succotash. My sister-in-law’s “Tango Time Skirt Steak” was served with a giant cow, as well as incredibly flavorful chimichurri sauce. The drinks were insane in creation and in cost; the specialty cocktails are made with liquid nitrogen and frozen liquor popsicles. We tried the Fresh Cucumber Nitro-tini. For dessert we had Give Me Some Mores, which consisted of a giant cake make out of marshmallow, house-made graham crackers, chocolate ganache and a two foot Hershey bar prop. The dinner was a fun and entertaining experience, that I would highly recommend on your next visit to Miami.
This morning, before the trip officially ended, we soaked up the sun one last time with a nice stroll along the boardwalk. 

Now back to chilly Chitown…
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