One Year

It’s crazy to think that it’s been a whole year since my husband and I were surrounded by all our family and friends as we walked down the aisle to say “I do”. To celebrate our first anniversary, we started our Saturday night early with drinks and an appetizer at the Wit Hotel’s Roof Lounge. It was such a beautiful night to sit outside and enjoy the view from the 27th floor bar.

Drinks at Roof

Patron Shrimp Appetizer – Delicious!

From there we headed to Bonsoirée for a six course meal by Chef Shin Thompson. Each course embodied so many flavors simultaneously, making it seem as if a trick was being played on your mouth! The Chef’s ability to create such cohesive dishes out of such a wide variety of foods was truly extraordinary. Almost everything we tasted was just unusual enough, but not so unfamiliar that it wasn’t enjoyable. Bonsoirée is strictly cuisine focused, as they are a BYOB restaurant, leaving the wine choice in the hands of the diner. We enjoyed a special bottle of red that was purchased two years ago on the night of our engagement.

Course 1: Hiramasa Gravlax, Fava Bean, Sunflower-Artichoke Barigoule, Saffron & Grapefruit Iced Tea. Translation: Hiramasa Gravlax is raw yellowtail that had been cured, salted and sugared to taste almost like it belongs on a bagel with cream cheese. Also on the plate was frozen pieces of grapefruit and a dipping sauce of green tea and miso.


Course 2: White Gazpacho: Fennel, Kolrabi, Turnip, Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, 25-year Balsamic. The flavors in this dish were so subtle, yet fantastic. The gazpacho was refreshing and an inventive take on the normally acidic cold soup.

White Gazpacho

Course 3: Pan Roasted Halibut, Roasted Corn and Lavender Jus, Rainbow Swiss Chard Colors and Textures. This dish was my favorite with the plate-scraping corn puree that was so sweet and rich, it tasted like candy. The halibut was flaky and moist with a perfectly seared crust. The lavender foam and Swiss chard cooked three ways added a unique and interesting dimension.


Course 4: Grilled Wagyu Shortrib, 72-hour Intense Marinades, Horseradish, Summer Truffle and Maitake. The beef was marinated and vacuumed sealed, creating the most tender and tantalizing meat. The mushrooms and macerated blueberries served on the side were great, earthy accompaniments to the wagyu.

Grilled Wagyu Shortrib

Course 5: Japanese Fruit Salad, Watermelon, Citrus, Black Salt, Uni, Thai Basil, Habenero Yuzu Sorbet. The idea behind this dish was that one bite encompassed sweet, salty, spicy, bitter and sour flavors at once. I had difficulty embracing the explosion of so many tastes in one little bite.

Watermelon fruit salad

Course 6: Pancetta Ice Cream, Candied Jalapeño, Cherry Bread Pudding, Sweet Cilantro. The dessert course mimicked the ideals of the previous course, combining a spectrum of tastes in one bite. I actually really enjoyed the pancetta ice cream paired with the soft but dense cherry bread pudding (which thankfully didn’t taste much like cherry), a swipe through the cilantro jelly and tiny corner of the candied jalapeño.

Pancetta Ice Cream with Cherry Bread Pudding

By the last course, we were exhausted from starting our evening early and the copious courses of food and drink. We were both pleased with the intimate setting that Bonsoirée provided to celebrate our momentous occasion! I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, which fittingly ended Sunday night with the tradition of eating year old wedding cake on the first anniversary. Thanks to my mom’s 18 layers of Saran wrap, the almond cake with raspberry filling still tasted surprisingly delicious. Oh what a year!

Year Old Wedding Cake


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