To conclude our three weekends in a row of traveling, this past weekend we were in Saint Louis for a wedding. Before the festivities began on Saturday, Friday night my In-Laws treated us to a dinner celebration at the award-winning Tony’s for my husband and my upcoming anniversary. It was a special evening filled with family and delicious food.

The Italian institution absolutely exemplifies its five-star rating in service and food. The wait staff was incredibly attentive and friendly and was there to make the meal very enjoyable. In fact, when returning from the bathroom, one of the waiters actually came running from across the room to pull out my chair when I sat down!

Many of the dishes are prepared or finished tableside, providing a more dynamic dining experience and giving the feeling of ultimate freshness. Our starter of Seared Sea Scallops with Black Truffle Sauce followed this process, with the scallops and sauce being cooked and served from the portable ranges. The scallops were prepared to perfection, not chewy or overcooked, and topped with an incredible creamy truffle sauce. This was one of my favorite dishes of the night.

Food being prepared tableside

Seared Scallops with Black Truffle

For the Primi course, we shared Tonight’s Risotto, which was eggplant and tomatoes with fontina cheese, as well as the Ziti Americana. As I’ve previously mentioned, I typically don’t go crazy for risotto, so I don’t have much to base this statement on, BUT this was the best risotto I’ve ever had. The eggplant added a unique element and the cheese provided richness without being sickening.  The Ziti Americana was finished with a spicy marinara sauce and sautéed onion. While I love spicy tomato sauce and the simplicity of pastas like this, this particular dish was nothing special.

Risotto with Eggplant, Tomato and Fontina Cheese

Ziti Americana

For my main course I ordered the highly recommended Grilled Scampi and Lobster Tail in a Mustard Sauce. The mustard sauce is very tangy and different and is the crux of the dish because otherwise it would just be plain lobster and shrimp…which is definitely not a bad thing. My one grumble was that the seafood and sauce was not served hotter, as I prefer my food to be piping hot. As my side I choose the Arancini, which is a fried rice ball with cheese and ground beef. The rice balls I’ve had in the past also had tomato sauce inside. I think Tony’s arancini would be even better if they made that addition.

Shrimp and Lobster in Mustard Sauce


Inside the arancini

Dessert included ice cream pie with chocolate sauce, crème brulee with raspberries and a pineapple cake as Happy Anniversary treat. I realize crème brulee is one of those controversial desserts, which many hate and others love. I fall somewhere in the middle, as I do enjoy it but don’t necessarily seek it out as my first dessert choice. Typically I’d be all over the ice cream pie like white on rice, but the crème brulee was insane! Although it was not described this way on the menu, it must have been vanilla bean because it had an intense vanilla flavor that really made this standout above other crème brulee that I’ve had. It was a delicious and gluttonous end to a memorable evening.

Ice Cream Pie with Chocolate Sauce

Creme Brulee

Inside the Creme Brulee

Pineapple Cake

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