No Plain Jane

Nestled in residential Bucktown, Jane’s is a cozy joint offering a fabulously eclectic menu with rotating seasonal selections. The restaurant resides in what appears to be an old house, with exposed brick and window curtains, which add to the charm and appeal of Jane’s. The food is fresh, seemingly healthy, and creative without being stuffy, while serving several vegetarian-inspired options. In my opinion Jane’s offers feel-good-food in an environment that entices me to come back again and again.

Each summer Jane’s offers several different kinds of gazpacho that are made using the best ingredients. The couple different types that I’ve tasted have been some of the best gazpacho I’ve ever eaten. This particular time they had red tomato and sweet corn. The restaurant also has colorful and delicious salads that are a perfect starter to a meal.

Red tomato and sweet corn gazpacho

Red and yellow beets, oranges and asparagus with orange vinaigrette

I love trying different things at restaurants that I repeatedly go to, but sometimes it’s tough to branch out from what you know and love. Even though there are so many other dishes I want to try at Jane’s, I always end up with the Angel hair pasta with chicken, cilantro, spinach, tomato, chipotle pesto and cotija cheese. The unusual mix of flavors coupled with a little spice makes this dish irresistible. I think that explains why three of us ordered the same thing!

Angel hair pasta with chicken

Grilled salmon with spinach, asparagus with miso vinaigrette

Jane’s is supposed to be delicious for brunch too, although I have yet to experience it. I will try to make it there for brunch before the end of the summer so we can sit outside and enjoy their sidewalk seating.

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