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The flawless summer weather that has graced the Midwest over the last week makes going to work difficult and has me thinking about the great holiday weekend we just had; not to mention I’m counting the minutes until Friday.

This past 4th of July weekend was spent in steamy Saint Louis with my husband and my in-laws. Between dips in the pool, barbecues and seeing family, we managed to fit in some great eats.

Saturday night we went to The Hill, which is Saint Louis’ version of Little Italy, with a high concentration of Italian restaurants in a small area. We dined at Trattoria Marcella, a cute restaurant brightly painted in cheerful reds and yellows.

The best part of the dinner came at the beginning of the meal with the Shaved Brussel Sprout  Salad with fontinella cheese, toasted almonds and lemon rosemary vinaigrette. The flavors the dressing added to the salad were so fresh and slightly tangy; the almonds were a nice contrast and provided some crunch. We also snacked on the calamari and toasted ravioli for appetizers.

Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad

For my meal I ordered Lobster Rissoto. I was definitely stepping out of my box with this selection because I enjoy pasta so much more than rissoto; however this off-the-menu dish (which is always available), came highly recommended. I loved the plentiful mushrooms, tomatoey flavor and of course the giant lobster pieces. Look how big the portion was!

Lobster Rissoto

Chicken Spiedini and Taglietelle alla Bolognese also made appearances at our table and I had tastes of both. Both dishes were good but the tomato sauce on the Bolognese was slightly sweeter than I prefer.

Chicken Spiedini


For dessert we went to the infamous frozen custard shop, Ted Drewes, which has been opened since 1941. I guess we weren’t the only people with that idea! 

Ted Drewes

I ordered a concrete (which is custard mixed up with toppings) with Reese’s peanut butter cups and cookie dough. The custard was rich and creamy and delicious, but more than anything, it was fun to try an old Saint Louis institution. 


Ready to Eat!

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