The Local Option

I am a huge proponent of supporting small businesses. There is nothing better than finding a great product that is not mass-produced. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Starbucks latte for convenience and consistency, but the neighborhood coffeehouse offers much more charm and character. For this reason I was thrilled to receive two gifts of locally made, handcrafted treats from two thoughtful friends.

Katherine Anne Confections’ truffles and caramels was such a special treat. Hand-rolled and dipped, the truffles are made in Chicago and packaged in a beautiful fair-trade box and are available in several unique flavors. I tried Toasted Coconut Rum, Citrus, Salted Caramel and my favorite, Blueberry Ginger. The caramels are creamy and soft and melt in your mouth. Unfortunately there is no picture of the caramels, as they did not make it until I could get to a camera. The best part is that Katherine Anne uses local and organic ingredients and nothing artificial is added. Now this is something I can feel good about 🙂 

Katherine Anne Confections

Assorted Truffles

Sara’s People Chow came to me from Minneapolis and is an addicting and fun snack. The mix is the childhood favorite puppy chow, turned gourmet. I received the Butterscotch Potato Chip flavor and it was amazing! Sweet with a hint of salty, I just could not get my hand out of the bag. I cannot wait to order some of her other verities, specifically Brownie Batter and S’more.

Sara’s People Chow

Do you have any locally made products that you love? Leave me a comment with your favorite!

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