Another Candle: Part II

Ever since Turtle on HBO’s Entourage talked about the lobster-mashed potatoes from Mastro’s, I wanted to know how I could get my hands on those. Luckily the Arizona-based steakhouse opened in Chicago so I would get my chance. Last night the eating extravaganza continued at Mastro’s and I finally got to taste the infamous lobster mash firsthand.

For dinner I ordered the filet, cooked medium. Served on a 400° hot plate, the meat was prepared with precision. The middle of the steak was hot and red with pink surrounding and the outside was charred to form a flavorful crust. Every bite was juicier than the next; I am quite certain this was the best steak I’ve ever had.

Mastro’s Filet

Although it would be quite thick, if I could go swimming in Mastro’s lobster-mashed potatoes, I would. Large, succulent pieces of lobster were laced throughout the velvety and very garlicky potatoes. Alone the potatoes were superb, but the lobster chunks really kicked it up a few notches – now I see what all the hype is about!

Lobster Mashed Potatoes

Completely unnecessary but impossible to resist, we also tried the Alaskan king crab black truffle gnocchi, another one of Mastro’s specialties. The pillow-like dumplings were prepared with pieces of crab in a creamy truffle sauce. Amazing!

Alaskan King Crab Black Truffle Gnocchi

For dessert, the waiter brought Mastro’s Signature Warm Butter Cake with ice cream. The cake was very sweet with a slight vanilla undertone and a caramelized sugar crust. Friends who had been to the restaurant previously insisted we try the butter cake. While I thought it was good, I can’t say I was overwhelmed. I would have preferred chocolate or perhaps just a second filet with a candle.

Mastro’s Butter Cake

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