Eat It Like a Kid

I was sitting at my desk this morning mourning the fact that it is not yet Friday, when a coworker popped up from around the corner….

Four-dozen cupcakes had just been delivered to our office he informed me!

Making a beeline for the kitchen, I walked in to find these adorable boxes from Foiled Cupcakes.

Foiled Cupcakes Box

Each cupcake came with a mini sign stating a humorous tag line such as “Are you going to eat that?” or “May cause looks from strangers”.


Within seconds, I had a smile on my face and it seemed as if the cheerful cupcakes were emitting sunlight into the windowless kitchen.

I chose the Everybody Loves Chocolate cupcake, which was chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. The cake was very light and decently moist, although the frosting was a bit too sweet.

Eat It Like a Kid

Curious about the other flavors and fully aware that soon I would be in a sugar-induced coma, I headed back to the kitchen for another taste. This time I sampled the I Dream of Jeannie orange cake with orange and vanilla butter cream swirl. Wow! This was unlike any cake I’d ever tasted! Moister than the chocolate and definitely more unique, it tasted like a Dreamsicle jumped into a cupcake.

I Dream of Jeannie

In an overly saturated market of cupcake shops, I commend Foiled for designing their business as a delivery only shop. I can’t wait to order cupcakes in the future and hopefully with personalized tag lines.

I guess Thursday wasn’t so bad after all.

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