Welcome to Glori of Food!
My name is Lori and I am the girl behind Glori of Food. I started my blog in May 2011 after my sister-in-law encouraged me to put my passion for cooking, eating, writing and food-conversation out there for others to enjoy. My love for cooking blossomed senior year of college when a group of my girlfriends formed a weekly cooking club. Immediately it became natural for me to photograph my creations and revel in the satisfaction of a perfectly executed dish that everyone enjoys.
After college, I moved to Chicago, where I was instantly enthralled with the restaurant scene. Having thousands of delicious and diverse cafes, restaurants, and bars at my fingertips excited me to no-end. Trying the newsst restaurants, as well as searching for hidden gems became a hobby. In no-time, friends and coworkers came to me as a resource for restaurant recommendations and reviews.
In 2012, my husband and I moved to St. Louis with our King Charles Cavalier dog, Knox. The following year we started our family with the birth of our son. Ever since, I’ve been focusing on family-friendly recipes and discovering ways to save myself time in the kitchen, while still creating dishes I love.
My culinary endeavors in my kitchen, as well as my restaurant explorations are documented here on Glori of Food. You’ll find a wide range of recipes – everything from healthy salads to decadent comfort foods, as well as restaurant reviews. I believe food is glorious; it should be celebrated, savored, and devoured with full enjoyment. Through my blog, I’ve not only developed an outlet for my deep-seeded passion, but I’ve also gotten to be involved with some amazing events through the Chicago Bloggers Network and my partnership with Cooking Light Magazine. You can view my Cooking Light profile here!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find great inspiration here that you can bring into your own kitchen.
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