What’s In My Fridge

When Cooking Light posted on their Instagram a picture of the inside of a fridge, they were asking followers to post a picture of their own fridge as a way to share healthy food ideas. I thought this would be a good opportunity to give you a peek inside my refridgerator and share with you some of my favorite staples.


Yogurt: My son has asked for yogurt first thing in the morning for as long as I can remember. Because of this, we always have a solid selection of yogurt options stocked. My favorite yogurt is Siggi’s because it doesn’t contain a lot of sugar, they have great flavors, and there are no weird ingredients. For a treat we buy Noosa. The sugar content is contrary to Siggi’s, but it’s creamy smooth consistency is absolutely dreamy. I also love the Wallaby Organic Plain Greek Yogurt. I prefer the slightly thinner consistency, compared to many other thick Greek yogurts. We eat this with granola, honey or a little jelly mixed in. I also keep this on hand for baking and sauces that may require yogurt. Last, Lifeway ProBugs Kefir in pouches is something I keep on hand for my son when he requests more yogurt for a snack later in the day.

Fruit: We almost always have a vast selection of fruit in the house. While I don’t find myself reaching for fruit as often as I should, my son drives this category as well. He loves berries, so raspberries and blueberries are often readily available. As you can also see, we have a good citrus selection with clementines, oranges and grapefruits in the fridge. We also snack on apples with peanut or almond butter often.

Vegetables: I buy carrots on every grocery trip because we are either cutting them up and having them as a snack with hummus, or I’m using them for soup or another recipe. Kale, lettuce and broccoli are other vegetable staples; however this week organic cauliflower was on sale, so I picked up a head of that instead of broccoli!

Hummus: My husband is a big fan of Costco, so it was like hitting the jackpot when he found the Hope Spicy Avocado Hummus available there in a large size! I love many of the Hope hummus flavors, but this is by far the best. I also love the Oasis and Cava hummus brands. We are always snacking on hummus with fresh veggies and pita chips.

Cheese: So many types of cheese! We love Organic Valley string cheese and Mini Babybel for snacks. We also keep sliced cheddar around for sandwiches, and shredded cheddar and shredded mozzarella for quesadillas and mini pizzas.

Carbs: I love English muffins! Sometimes I eat them for breakfast with peanut butter, but mostly we use them for egg sandwiches on the weekends. I’m a huge fan of the Rudi’s Organic Whole Grain Wheat English Muffins because they are soft and delicious! I also use English muffins to make my son individual pizzas for an easy dinner option. Other carb items often found in the fridge are whole wheat tortillas and corn tortillas. The whole wheat tortillas are used for turkey wraps for lunches or quick cheese quesadillas. I cook a lot of Mexican food, so the corn tortillas get used for turkey or veggie tacos.

Other: Items that are also seen in this picture include, pre-peeled garlic and pre-peeled shallots. I am all about the convenience of these items, so when I’m feeling particularly lazy or short on time, I love little short cuts. I also like to buy pre-chopped onion for busy or lazy weeks. Leftovers can often be found in the fridge since I cook often, duh! Chicken broth, for soups and other recipes. Have you ever had Farm Ridge Foods Half Sour Pickles?! I had them at a party and they were so good, I hunted them down! Last, but certainly not least, eggs. We go through a decent amount of eggs. I bake with them, we will have eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or I make egg salad.


Ever since our kitchen renovation, our condiment selection has been a little lacking. We normally have a much more impressive selection of sauces, but apparently it’s taking us longer than two months to get back to where we were!

Salsa: I am pretty loyal to the Frontera Salsa. I just love their flavors and how they are so great to cook with. I’m a big fan of the Tomatillo and the Guajillo flavors.

Tomato sauce: If you’ve never tried Rao’s tomato sauces, you’re missing out! They’re the best jarred tomato sauce I’ve ever had, and the Arrabitata spicy sauce shouldn’t be overlooked. The price tag on these are bit hefty, but whenever they are on sale, I stock up! Rao’s makes any simple Italian dish ten times better!

Hot sauce: It’s a rare day when my husband doesn’t add some sort of hot sauce to something I’ve made. Our standards are Cholula and Sriracha. Unlike my husband, I don’t spice everything, but I do use Cholula for eggs and Sriracha for Asian sauces or on top of homemade fried rice.

Butter: I love Melt, a non-dairy coconut oil butter spread. We use this on toast, veggies, or in a pan for cooking. It’s slight coconut flavor makes it oh-so-delicious! Earth Balance non-dairy butter sticks are something I use for baking. Not pictured is also real deal organic butter, which I try to use very sparingly!

Other: Jelly, mustard, chocolate hazelnut spread, salad dressing, miso paste (for Asian sauces), catsup, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and ground flax meal (used for baking).


Finally, the drink portion of the fridge…

Milk/creamer: Although my son doesn’t drink a ton of milk, we still manage to go through a lot of milk in our house. We also keep at least a few different types of milk on hand. We always have organic 2% cow’s milk. I love Organic Valley’s milk, but this week I happened to have bought Horizon. We also always have almond milk, either Silk or Califia Farms unsweetened vanilla. I make a latte every morning, so I use either kind of milk for that. We’ve also been on a big cereal kick, so milk is a necessity. Smoothies, baking and hot chocolate are other ways we use up our milk supply! If you’re a creamer person, I am a huge fan of the Silk Almond Milk Vanilla Creamer. This is great in coffee, or sometimes I add a splash to my latte to sweeten it up.

Other: Tazo Chai Tea Concentrate, San Pellegrino sparkling water, La Croix sparkling water, Suja Organic Mighty Greens Juice, and Kevita Kombucha are among some of the drinks we keep on rotation in our refridgerator.

I hope you enjoyed the tour through my fridge. I would love to know if you have any fridge staples that you keep stocked!




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