Back At It

It has been over 9 months since my last post on Glori of Food; while I cannot believe it has been that long, I must confess that blogging has been far from the forefront of my mind. With a new baby and working full-time, I couldn’t possibly find the extra time or energy to pay homage to my little blog. Although undocumented, I have still managed to get at least a few home cooked meals on the table each week, try new restaurants, and I’ve been making my now 10 month old baby homemade food since he was 6 months.

While I have debated coming back to this space that I once devoted so much time to, I truly miss the whole blogging process of cooking, photographing, and writing. As I look back on my posts, it blows my mind how much time I used have and how much time I used to spend in the kitchen. Occasionally I’ll find a Sunday that allows for more kitchen time, but that is certainly not the norm these days. My intent now is to bring you easier, quicker recipes that are delicious and nutritious, for the whole family to enjoy (usually).

About a month ago, I made the very tough decision to quit working so I can stay home with my son. While I am sad/nervous/apprehensive to leave my working life behind, I am excited to spend more time with my little guy. As work wraps up in the next few weeks, I am hopeful that I will soon be able to carve out some newfound time in my weeks to spend on Glori of Food, doing something I love.

In the meantime, here is a look at what’s been going on lately…Sweet potatoes and these tiny containers have been my savior when it comes to baby food making
IMG_7376Summer BBQing
photo copy

These tiny chunky legs are now on the move

Inspirational gifts from my husband: donut iPhone case and a new cookbook

Wedding season is in full swing

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