I Fratellini

It’s nice to have at least one restaurant that is reserved for special occasions. Since yesterday was my birthday, my husband and I celebrated with a great dinner at I Fratellini. This was our second time at the restaurant, but after last night’s meal, I’ve decided that this is definitely our go-to special occasion restaurant. From start to finish, the entire meal was enjoyable and delicious.

When we arrived at the quaint and adorable Italian restaurant, I was greeted by the host with a “Happy Birthday”, which was then followed by a non-alcoholic champagne toast that they made for me when we were seated. Our waiter helped make the meal enjoyable by being attentive without hovering. My husband and I split everything we ordered, so the waiter graciously spaced out each course and split the dishes to be served on separate plates.

We started the meal with a BURRATA appetizer, which was served with sweet balsamic reduction and warm grilled bread. The creamy cheese and balsamic drizzle spread atop the thick bread was so simple, yet so special. This dreamy combo really set the tone for the rest of the meal.

Next, we shared the ARUGALA SALAD with oranges, kalamata olives, almonds, parmesan with a champagne vinaigrette. The salad was so light and fresh and put me in the mood for more summery salads. Truth be told, I could have had my own salad because half the portion left me wanting more!

The PISTACHIO ENCRUSTED TROUT was my husband’s favorite from our previous visit, so we had to order that again. The fish is served with citrus butter over sautéed spinach. The fish is thin, flavorful and perfectly cooked, with just a little crunch from the pistachio crust. Even the sautéed spinach was amazing. I cleared my plate on this course.

It’s difficult for me to turn a blind eye to pasta dishes at an Italian restaurant, so our second entrée that we split was the TAGLIATELLE SHORT RIB RAGU. The medium-thick noodles were swimming in a hearty tomato sauce, with a generous amount of tender pulled beef. Not only did the dish taste like my Italian grandma (that I never had) whipped it up in her kitchen, but it was also served piping hot. Food served hot is something I definitely hold with high regard!

Although we were so full, there’s always room for dessert. We concluded our meal with a piece of TIRAMISU. While it was tasty and good, it definitely paled in comparison to the rest of the meal.

Last night’s dinner was the kind of meal that you’re still thinking about the next day, or even the day after that. I love everything about this place, from the adorable atmosphere to the impeccable food. I Fratellini may just be your next special occasion restaurant too.

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