Stone Soup Cottage

When I first heard about Stone Soup Cottage, I knew immediately it was somewhere I must go. From the ever-changing menu (every three weeks to be exact), to the tiny house accommodating only two handfuls of tables, to the farm-fresh ingredients and the husband and wife-run operation, this concept had my name written all over it. Once an opportunity to indulge in such a special 6-course meal presented itself, I hopped on SSC’s website to make a reservation. Much to my dismay, there wasn’t a single opening on a Friday or Saturday night until SEPTEMBER??? It made perfect sense though, with their space constraints and operating only Wednesday through Saturday. Slightly discouraged, I called the restaurant to be put on their cancellation list…and in four short weeks, we were called for a Friday night reservation!

Stepping into Stone Soup Cottage, located in the quaint city of Cottleville, was like stepping out of Missouri and into one of the European restaurants where my husband I enjoyed some memorable meals. The space was every bit cottage, complete with exposed brick wall, creaky wood floors, and living room-like window treatments. Despite the white tablecloths and candlelight, the cozy atmosphere was relaxing and not at all pretentious. After our drink orders were taken, we were welcomed by warm bread with clove, honey and sea salt butter. After the bread, but before the first course, the chef prepared a buttermilk crepe with oyster mushrooms topped with fondue. The rich sauce and airy crepe with the earthy mushrooms was a dreamy combination.

First course: Shrimp Consommé with saffron and browned butter poached shrimp, that were flown in from South Carolina that morning. This simple dish was a prime example of how a few quality ingredients can bond together to create something truly divine.

Second course: Salad of radish (picked from the garden that day), oven dried apple, petite greens, and chevre cheese finished with a honey champagne vinaigrette. The salad was light and fresh, with radishes that were unlike any I’ve ever tasted before.

Third course: Sautéed Black Cod with ginger beurre blanc and fresh peas. This tender fish was the table’s favorite dish of the night. The cod was cooked just ’til done, each bite practically melting in your mouth. The dish would have been just as good if the white creamy sauce had not been included.

Fourth course: Fresh roasted garlic fettuccini with fresh baby artichokes, parmigiano-reggiano and black winter truffles. A close second behind the cod, this pasta was so good, we were hoping that a big family-style bowl was going to show up next.

Fifth course: Pheasant stuffed with house-made fennel sausage, dressed with brandy and clementine. Although I wouldn’t go out of my way to order pheasant, it tasted very similarly to chicken. And stuffed with the sausage, how could it be bad?!

Sixth course: Last but certainly not least, Dark Chocolate Chiffon Tart, finished with Chambord. There wasn’t a single bite left!

From start to finish, every bite, each course, the entire experience was an impressive culinary journey…one I’d gladly take again. I’m glad we didn’t have to wait months and months for a reservation, but had we needed to, it would have been worth the wait.

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