On a Mission

Since moving to Saint Louis this past fall, you could say that my husband and I have been on a mission to find a favorite Mexican restaurant in this city. We have by no means been to all or even half of the Mexican restaurants here, but the 3/4 dozen or so that we’ve tried have generally been unmemorable and average. When I heard about Mission Taco opening a few weeks ago, everything I read made me hopeful that maybe the name was a sign that this joint would put an end to our search.

Last week we headed to Mission Taco in the Delmar Loop for a mid-week dinner with another couple. We started our meal with chips and two salsas, and guacamole. Most Mexican restaurants provide chips and salsa gratis, but if that is not what they’re about, for exceptional chips and salsa, I have no problem paying. In fact, the chips and salsa, specifically the salsa, is something I look forward to when going out for Mexican. My rating of the salsa is weighted almost as heavily as the rest of the meal. Neither of Mission’s salsas made the grade. One tasted just a few shades off from a spicy marinara sauce; the other was smokey, which I’m fine with, but lacked any additional flavor. The guacamole was good, nothing to complain about, but nothing to go crazy over either.

We were most excited about the menu, which offered a selection of tacos that could be ordered individually. I chose the Carne Asada, Yucatan Chicken, and the Grilled Baja Fish Taco. In addition to the fact that the tacos were served at room temperature, I was disappointed by the corn tortilla shells, which fell apart almost at first grip. The carne asada was good, but a bit dry. My husband gave me a bite of his Fried Baja Fish Taco, and that was definitely the best taco of all. It was hot, flavorful, and well, fried!

The biggest winner of the night was by far our friend’s Three Little Piggies Burrito. Although this is not something I would typically order, the large burrito was packed with flavorful roasted pork shoulder, pork belly carnitas, and house made chorizo queso, making just one bite not enough. Luckily, there was plenty of it to go around for a second and third bite. I’d probably go back to Mission Taco, but not for the tacos; I’d try one of the other three burritos on the menu.

I’m sad to say, the mission continues.

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