Little Goat

In 2010, Stephanie Izard took Chicago by storm when she opened the wildly popular and impossible to get into Girl and the Goat restaurant in the West Loop. Now, almost two years later, Stephanie is at it again with her diner style restaurant opening just a stone’s throw away from her first. Little Goat, and the attached bakery/bar/espresso bar called Little Goat Bread is already attracting heards of people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With the overwhelming success of Izard’s first restaurant, the question presents itself, can we expect the same big things from Little Goat?

My eagerness to dine at Little Goat meant that eating a meal here was on my “must do” weekend list for my trip to Chicago this past weekend. Monday, I met two friends for brunch, one of who had already been for dinner. Even with her mediocre review of her dinner, we all kept an open mind for our brunch experience. The bustling restaurant had an airy, open and bright feel, with the low booths and a large skylight above. With breakfast served all day, and dinner items that are sure to put anyone in a food coma for hours, the menu offers what I’d consider diner food on steroids. One glance at the menu, and its clear this is no lite fare; be prepared to throw down here.

Although I was tempted by menu items such as the Tuna Melt and Fried Pickle Sandwich, our morning meal time had me focused on breakfast. My friend and I shared the Spanish Omelette and the Fat Elvis Waffles. The omelette contained cheddar cheese, pickled peppers, tomato, sour cream and masa chips sprinkled on top. I liked the French style preparation of the eggs, which are cooked thin and rolled up. The combination of flavors was a nice change from my standard omelette order. As you might have guessed, the Fat Elvis Waffles contained banana and peanut butter-butter, plus bacon maple syrup. While the waffles were good, and the peanut butter-butter was a unique addition, I would have liked to have seen additional peanut butter incorporated into the dish.

Because Little Goat Bread is cranking out homemade breads, bagels, and pastries, it would have been a shame to not try any of their carb products. We ordered an Everything Bagel, but consequently received the Grumpy Goat Golden Raisin Bagel instead. The bagel was topped with Roasted Cauliflower Cheddar cream cheese. Although this was an odd combo, and I couldn’t taste any traces of cauliflower, the bagel schmear combo was definitely incredible. Don’t forget to stop in to Little Goat Bread to see where the magic happens through the glass window.

While I don’t see Little Goat reaching the fever pitch that Girl and the Goat has, the broad menu and diner favorites mean a casual environment where there’s something for everyone.
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