Winslow’s Home

My first experience at Winslow’s Home provided me with my first glimmer of hope that St. Louis has some unique restaurants that would truly impress. And after tasting the food, I decided that if this was the only amazing spot in the city, I was fine with that too.

Stepping into Winslow’s Home for the first time, you may think you’ve stumbled upon a general store or a market, but not a restaurant. Throughout the one-room space, shelves are stocked with carefully selected kitchen utensils and serving pieces; bath and body products; children’s toys; old-fashioned candy; and other odds and ends that you didn’t know you needed, but your relaxed state of mind tells you otherwise. The market offers specialty items such as Himalayan rock salt, oils, and necessities such as organic milk and eggs. With a closer look, you’ll see marble-topped tables scattered amongst the goods, where diners can leisurely eat in the casual environment. A grab and go section of pre-made soups, salads, and other signature dishes allows you to take the food from Winslow’s Home into your own home.

And speaking of the food, that’s the real reason I ended up here to begin with. But it’s easily forgotten for a moment, while pursuing the beautiful kitchen items while waiting for your meal. What makes Winslow’s Home so special isn’t just the atmosphere; it’s the fresh, local ingredients that come together to make wholesome, inventive dishes that won’t be found elsewhere. With Winslow’s Farm 35 miles from St Louis, the restaurant is supplied with seasonal, sustainable products that can be enjoyed in good conscience. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the same menu all day. Additionally, there is a menu of specials which always includes a vegetarian, fish, and meat dish that changes frequently.

My first dinner at Winslow’s, I was blown away by the fish special, which was Roasted Salmon with Swiss Chard Farro “Risotto”. The second visit, I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie, which is one of their many staples. But even better than that, is their Brisket Sandwich, which my husband claims is the best brisket he’s ever had. After getting a few bites, I can say it really is something special. And if you can’t get enough of it, the brisket can be purchased by the pound to take home. My friend’s Vegetarian Stir Fry, which sounded simple, was coated with unbelievable Asian flavors. Our meal concluded with a hefty sampling of homemade desserts that were graciously given to us by the friendly workers. Blueberry pie, coffee cake, butternut squash cake with maple frosting (which was incredible!), and a brownie….one was better than the last.

I love this place so much, I already know Winslow’s Home is going to start to feel like my home away from home.

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