Nick’s Pit Stop

Before I moved, I was all about hitting up restaurants that were old favorites, as well as trying new ones. Nick’s Pit Stop, which can be classified as somewhat of a “dive”, is a great lunch spot that I needed to visit one last time.

As you walk into Nick’s, you’ll immediately notice whole marinated chickens being charbroiled over an open flame. With the exception of side dishes, there’s nothing else on the menu beside chicken. Thankfully it’s flavorful, tender, and juicy – all the best ingredients for amazing chicken. I always order the chicken pita sandwich and douse it with their green and red salsa. But if chicken on the bone is more your thing, then you can choose from all different portion options. 

It would be tragic if you went to Nick’s without trying their mac & cheese, which is my favorite of their sides. Like this no-frills spot, the mac is nothing fancy, but every bit creamy, cheesy and impossible to resist.

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