Auuu Yeah

Since I’m a huge fan of Brendan Sodikoff and his restaurants (Maude’s, Gilt Bar, Doughnut Vault), I was confident that his west loop diner, Au Cheval, would be up there with the others. The dark, rock-music-blasting joint offers an extensive tapped beer selection and diner classics with a twist. With food service until 2AM, Au Cheval is definitely a new go-to for dinner and late night eats. I went with a friend this past week at a more conventional hour, and we ordered what felt like one of everything.

We started with Matzo Ball Soup so amazing it rivaled my Mom’s. The giant matzo ball was soft, fluffy and light, just like they should be. Whole pearl onions were a great addition to the standard celery and carrots. Dill-haters be ware, the soup is heavily laced with this fragrant herb.

Following the soup, we devoured the Cheeseburger and Fries. The burger was desirably thin, and topped with the most incredible mixture of sliced house-made pickles, chopped red onion, and creamy dijonnaise sauce. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about this burger every day since last Wednesday. Everything about it was just right. The fries, which came topped with a fried egg and mornay and garlic aioli dipping sauces, were definitely deelish, but nothing mind-blowing. I wouldn’t say you should skip them, though. 

As if we hadn’t already eaten enough, we had General Jane’s Fried Chicken. Prepared with a spicy, sesame, caramelized Asian sauce, the chicken was not at all what I was expecting; it was even better. This was what I’d call fancy fried chicken, as opposed to this-could-have-come-from-a-bucket chicken. 

For dessert, it was a toss up between a float, with house root beer, and the Mille Feuille dessert. We went with the later, and it turned out to be an error in judgment. My friend and I agreed that the dessert had much more visual appeal than anything else. The vanilla cream filling was good, but the pastry puff did nothing for me. We did add a side of chocolate sauce to our order to make the few bites we took of the dessert decent. 

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