Antique Taco

If I were to open a restaurant, I’d want it to look and feel a lot like Wicker Park’s newest eatery, Antique Taco. With rustic wood tables, mismatched china plates, Mason jar vases holding wildflowers, dishcloth napkins, and glass milk jugs serving as margarita pitchers, husband and wife team Ashley & Rick Oritz have managed to create a vibe that wholeheartedly spoke to me. And the food, well that hit home too.

The modest menu merges farmers’ market-fresh ingredients with Mexican-inspired dishes. With three of us dining, we were able to cover about half of the inventive menu options.

Guac & Chips were a no brainer – great chips, exceptional guacamole, served with an equally amazing salsa verde.

Habanero Popcorn – If you love popcorn and some serious spice, then this is not to be missed. The delicious combination of pepper and cheddar provides an unexpected munchie option. 

The Market Mushroom taco – mushrooms, garlicy kale, pickled escabeche, and cilantro crema – was shockingly flavorful and tasty for a vegetarian taco.

I was able to grab a bite of my friend’s Carnita taco, which was adobo rubbed pork with tamarind glaze, bacon spinach, avocado, and queso fresco. For someone who would almost never choose pork, I though the meat was super tender with distinct flavors.

Since the restaurant had run out of the Crispy Fish, our last taco pick was the Sweet & Spicy Chicken with cucumber and jalapeno pickle, honey yogurt and purple onion. This was my least favorite of the night’s eats.

I’ve saved the best for the last! The Meatball & Mole was something seriously incredible. A giant chicken meatball smothered in mole poblano sauce was topped with giardenera and queso fresco, and then served on a soft bun. With the first bite, I knew they nailed it with this unique menu offering.

Dessert was a Horchata Milkshake and a Chocolate Poptart with Vanilla Ice Cream. While the cinnamon, banana, almond, and vanilla flavors of the milkshake were an unmatched combo, I was wishing that the consistency was a tad thicker. If the horchata isn’t your thing, the warm melty innards of poptart will not do you wrong.


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