Brunch at PV

A few weekends back my friend and I enjoyed a late brunch at Perennial Virant. Although it was a bit too chilly to sit outside, we bundled up for a warm meal on the patio overlooking Clark Street and Lincoln Park.

The smallish menu offers a thoughtful selection of farm-to-table dishes, some with a Southern flare. With Paul Virant’s philosophy “eat what you can, can what you can’t,” you’ll be sure to find housemade jams accompanying your toast.

I always appreciate a restaurant that forces me to stray from my norm, and Perennial Virant did just that. The Biscuits and Gravy with chicken sausage and sunnyside up eggs was stick-to-your-ribs delicious. The biscuits were buttery and soft, and the perfect vehicle for lapping up the peppery gravy.

The Two Egg Skillet with spinach and gruyere was good, but more of a breakfast standard. I did enjoy the generous serving of greens to offset the Biscutis and Gravy.

Home Fries with cheese curds sounded way too tempting to pass up. The potatoes were crispy and thinly cut, contrasting nicely with the soft balls of cheesie goodness.

Brunch at Perenial Virant was such a treat!

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