I love a restaurant that offers a variety of options, making it easy for any type of eater to find something desirable.

Prasino in Wicker Park is just this kind of place.

With an emphasis on healthy and clean eating, the restaurant offers sustainable food in an eco-friendly and modern environment. Whether you’re vegan or a carnivore, craving sushi or a burger, Prasino has you covered.

The pictures below depict not one, but the meals from two different visits to Prasino in a short time period. I went for dinner both times, but I’m dying to go back for brunch. Of all the dishes I tried, my favorites included the Grilled Fish Tacos and the Lobster Stuffed Avocado.

It’s so nice to have a place like Prasino in my back pocket for when I want a tasty meal without feeling weighed down.

Grilled Fish Tacos

Veggie Burger

Lobster stuffed avocado with mango salsa

The inside of the lobster stuffed avocado

Butternut squash ravioli with greens and sage brown butter

Mushroom whole wheat flatbread with cheese blend and port wine reduction

Apple crisp


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