Oui Oui

I’m convinced I was the last person in Chicago to try Paris Club. After several failed attempts to score a reservation at this hotspot, I gave up. I finally got the opportunity to try this French small plate restaurant this week when my friend invited me for an impromptu dinner date…and she had a gift certificate to boot! With an unpretentious approach to French fare, and energetic atmosphere, it’s no wonder every table was filled on a Tuesday night. It was a fun night sipping the house wine, which is literally on tap, and trying a variety of dishes.

Smoked Salmon and Avocado on Brioche: Fresh, light and delicious.

French onion fondue with gruyere: If you love French onion soup like I do, then you’ll love this dip as a tasty alternative.

Escargot: My first time trying snails. They were wrapped in puff pastry, so how could they be bad?!

Sea scallops with espelette pepper, and lime beurre blanc sauce: The creamy butter and wine sauce was a great compliment to the delicate scallops. Seared and perfectly seasoned, these scallops were really a treat.

Short rib bourguignonne: Carrots, green beans and onions accompanied the tender beef and rich, flavorful sauce. This dish was good, but the meat was a little fatty.

Vanilla Crème Brûlée: Nothing caps off a French dinner like this dessert. It was so great, we were practically licking the dish. 

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