Comfort Classics

It’s no secret that I love Cooking Light Magazine. I used to flip through my mom’s growing stack of the monthly periodical as a kid until I got my own subscription in college.

Cooking Light’s
recipes have been an ongoing inspiration to so many of the dishes I make in my kitchen because I feel their mission and my mantra align; food is glorious – it should be tasty and enjoyable, and also healthy when possible. I appreciate that the magazine isn’t filling their pages with different variations of carrot sticks topped with fat-free dressing; they’re focused on featuring real food that looks tempting and tastes satisfying, while using lighter and healthier substitutions in the recipes.

I was recently studying the March 2012 issue of Cooking Light, which points a much deserved spotlight on Comfort Classics. Editor Scott Mowbray discusses what comfort food means to him and then asks you to think of your Top 10 Comfort Foods. Since I’m constantly craving my favorite comfort foods, Scott’s article encouraged me to put pen to paper and share my list with you. For some of the classics on my list the comfort comes from the memories that are permanently attached to the taste and smell of the food; for others, it’s simply the hearty, stick-to-your-ribs richness that makes the food a source of contentment. It’s the undeniable warmth and security that I feel when I eat these foods that keeps me coming back to these top 10 again and again.

What foods are on your Top 10 list?

My Top 10 Comfort Foods

1. My mom’s chicken matzo ball soup
2. A piping hot mug of hot chocolate
3. Macaroni & Cheese – any kind!
4. Lipton’s Noodle Soup
5. Spaghetti & Meatballs
6. Chicken Pot Pie (this has been on my list to make for quite some time)
7. Mexican Chocolate Cake from El Patio in Des Moines, IA
8. Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese
9. Chicken Parmesan
10. Bagel and cream cheese

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