What’s your perspective on trying a new restaurant within one, or even two weeks of its opening? Is it to be expected that the kinks are still being ironed out, in which case you cut them a little slack? Or is it inexcusable, and if they’re open, they better bring their A game?

I’m struggling with the answer to these questions, as I recall the dinner I had at the new BLT American Brasserie last Friday night. Open only one week, to say they were still perfecting their flow would be an understatement. Thirty minutes between drink orders, and even longer to receive our food, we ended up having a three hour dinner that involved more waiting than eating or drinking. The restaurant was appropriately apologetic and made good on their shortcomings with complimentary desserts and a slight bill adjustment.

Contrary to the service, the food was wonderful. The warm and voluptuous comtѐ and black pepper popovers that arrived prior to the meal were to-die-for. What a welcome change from the ordinary breadbasket!

We started with the Mushroom Pizetta, which was chock full of taleggio, sage, garlic and of course, mushrooms. The crust was crispy, chewy and authentic. The rest of the pizza was tasty, but did not adopt the same great crisp as the crusty edges.

For dinner we shared the Garden Vegetable Chopped Salad, which interestingly included and excluded different ingredients than were listed on the menu. That didn’t change the fact that the salad was fresh, light and exceptional. We also shared the Alaska Black Cod (not pictured), which was caramelized in a soy-acacia glaze, with pea tendrils and cauliflower puree. The fish was moist, flakey and melt-in-your-mouth sweet…and definitely too small to be shared. The Veggie Burger and oysters also made an appearance at our table; the veggie burger was a hit, as we were all asking for bites of our friend’s dinner.

We sampled the Passion Fruit Crepe Souffle and the Warm Flourless Chocolate-Spiced Cake for dessert. The sweets were unique, but didn’t do it for me.

So, overlook the poor service and give BLT another chance? The question remains. 

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