Tuesday Night Out

Last night after the Chicago Blogger Network’s awesome Rent the Runway Party at Maxine’s, my friend and I, hungry and slightly tipsy, headed to Cantina Laredo for some grub. I’d been curious about this place since I saw the massive restaurant being built on the corner of State and Illinois. I’d heard several positive reviews from friends, so I thought this would be a win. Unfortunately, I was very underwhelmed by the food.

Let me preface this by saying, it’s quite possible we ordered poorly, however, our first item was recommended by our waiter, unsolicited. We started with the Ensalada De Mango Y Pollo, which came with chicken and mango, jicama, seasoned pumpkin seeds, grapes, mint, and queso fresco, with a honey vinaigrette. Sure, a salad isn’t a typical choice at a Mexican restaurant, but it sounded unusual and it is listed as one of their signature dishes. I beg to differ. The chicken was scarce, the flavor was lacking and the mangos tasted as if they were canned.

For our second dish, we split the Shrimp Fajitas. The fajitas came with a pile of onions and a limited number of peppers. It doesn’t take much to realize they loaded us up with the inexpensive ingredients while being very sparing with the higher quality ingredients. The shrimp was slightly chewy, salty and void of any other recognizable flavors. The fajitas were average at best.

Cantina Laredo’s only redeeming quality was their chips and salsa. The salsas, which were offered in a mild and a hot variety, were great. Both were fresh and delicious with wonderful spices. Regrettably, the complimentary salsa and chips are not reason enough to bring me back to Cantina Laredo.  

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