Going out for sushi is such a treat. It’s the one food that I love eating, but have no skills or desire to create at home. For this reason, I’m willing to pay a premium for fresh, raw fish and tasty, inventive rolls.

This past weekend I got my sushi fix at Seadog, a BYOB restaurant on the brink of Wicker Park. Flying under the radar since they opened in late 2010, this joint has the abilities to swim with the big fish in the sea of Chicago sushi restaurants.

If you notice familiar favorites from Coast’s menu, like Spicy Miso Soup or Pan Fried Scallop, it’s because their former chef opened Seadog. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the same superior quality and deliciousness of Coast, but at a lesser price.

Seadog’s sushi was so amazing, it melted in my mouth; each roll was better than the last. All the sauces and combinations were remarkable, and the rolls were cut into the perfect bite-sized pieces. One of our plates of signature maki rolls was so great, we reordered the same three rolls! The dessert, which usually leaves something to be desired at sushi restaurants, was even impressive. We ordered the chocolate cake special and mochi balls. I left happy and extremely satisfied. I already can’t wait to go back to Seadog!

Spicy Miso Soup

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