The Big Nasty

This week was the week of blogger events.

Wednesday night Tribute hosted the Chicago Blogger Network for a night of drinks, appetizers and mingling.

Prior to the event, Executive Chef Jared Case treated me and fellow food bloggers to an interactive cooking demonstration. I was blown away by the passion Jared exuded while telling his story, as well as the artistry that went into the creation of his dish, The Big Nasty. His charisma, genuineness and ability to teach and explain as he moved through the steps kept us engaged and extremely impressed. In a word, he was awesome!

The Big Nasty lived up to the name: two fried chicken breasts, a jumbo cheese biscuit made by Executive Pastry Chef Mitsu Nozaki, topped with white cheddar and country gravy. This was hands down one of the most deliciously sinful thing I’ve ever tasted. From the sage infused sausage that was used to start the gravy, to the tempura flour that created the breading on the fried chicken, it was pure perfection. Thankfully we were only given a few bites of The Big Nasty, otherwise I would have needed what comes with the dish stated on the menu: A nap!

Executive Chef Jared Case making the gravy

The gravy

The chicken is being infused with flavors from the marinade through a cryovacking process, using a vacuum and an inverse boil.

Executive Pastry Chef Mitsu Nozaki making the biscuit

Building The Big Nasty

Gravy time

Don't be shy with that white cheddar

Top it off

The Big Nasty

Steve Cox helping with our wine pairings

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