Soup and Sips

My love and obsession for soup scored me an invite to a cool event that I attended last night. Zocalo Group hosted me and other local bloggers for an evening of Soup and Sips featuring Bertolli’s new Premium Meal Soups for Two.

The event was held at Kendall Culinary Arts College, which allowed for a demonstration by Bertolli’s innovation chef, Michael Christiansen. It was quite intriguing hearing about his trips to Italy to meet with farmers; the countless hours of research and development over a two-year period that lead to the launch of the product; and the amount of precision used in the recipes, down to measuring the exact size and cut of each vegetable.

We had the opportunity to try all four soups, along with wine pairings. Each soup was very tasty and flavorful, and shockingly did not taste like canned soup. The vegetables were not soft and mushy, but rather al dente and actually tasted like vegetables. My favorite soup was the Tomato Florentine & Tortellini with Chicken. Although I always prefer homemade to store-bought, and especially to canned or frozen, this really tasted more restaurant-quality than something found in the freezer section.

Added bonus – The gift bag included two pouches of soup, a bottle of olive oil and a ladle!

Bertolli frozen soups

Chef Michael Christiansen

Soup display

Tomato Florentine - deelish!

Roasted Chicken & Rotini Pasta

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