Happy Go Lucky

Long before I knew Lake Street from Lake Michigan, or downtown from Boystown, I was taken to Club Lucky for dinner when visiting family in Chicago. Hidden in residential Bucktown, I had no idea where I was, but I knew the food was great and the night was memorable.

Fast forward several years… I’ve got my Chicago bearings and I’ve now dined at Club Lucky countless times, including for special occasions, such as my engagement party and my cousin’s engagement party.

The restaurant serves no-nonsense, old school Italian in a retro-style space, complete with a separate bar area which is reminiscent of 90210’s Peach Pit circa 1990 (coincidentally the restaurant’s first year in business).

Sunday night I met two old friends at Club Lucky for dinner and a night of catching up. The food was delicious, per usual, however a weekend of working was clearly wearing on our waitress; she gave us major attitude when we asked for more time before placing our order.

We started our meal with the Club Lucky Salad – a must order! It’s loaded with crunchy carrots and celery, fresh tomatoes, irresistible Genoa salami, onions, mild fontinella cheese, Sicilian olives and roasted red peppers, topped with Club Lucky Italian dressing. This is by far one of the best Italian salads found anywhere.

For the main course we shared Rigatoni with Mushrooms and Meatballs, along with Chicken Parmesan. Both dishes were smothered in Club Lucky’s marinara sauce, which is so amazing, I could drink it through a straw. The meatballs are flavorful and perfectly firm without being hard, and would be a welcome addition to any pasta dish. The Chicken Parmesan is my favorite! How can you go wrong with breaded chicken topped with a generous helping of melty cheese and fresh sauce? If these dishes aren’t your thing, I also highly recommend two Club Lucky specialties – the Homemade 8 Finger Cavatelli or the Chicken Vesuvio. You just can’t go wrong.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of the marinara sauce, Club Lucky sells the sauce, as well as the salad dressing, at the restaurant and to local grocery stores. 

Club Lucky Salad

Rigatoni with Mushrooms and Meatballs

Chicken Parmesan

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