Not Half Bad

Each time I visit my husband’s hometown of Saint Louis, I notice the lacking of cute, delicious, local breakfast spots. That, or my In-Laws have been seriously holding out on me for quite sometime. I realize that every city I visit will not have the abundance of amazing brunch options that Chicago offers, but until this past weekend I hadn’t even been taken to one in STL. Therefore, I’m basing this potentially inaccurate observation on that. Luckily Half & Half opened its doors a few months ago and provided me with some brunch excitement this past weekend.

Half & Half’s white panel walls, blue booths and extended counter and coffee bar give the restaurant a rustic, down-home feel. Thanks to the action of the open kitchen and the enticing dishes on the kitschy menu, you’re almost unaware of the fact that there is nothing interesting hanging on the stark white walls.

Half & Half menu

I crave and enjoy a great latte, so I was immediately impressed when mine arrived looking like it was made with care and mastery. This was no mass-produced cup of Joe and that was very apparent though the beautiful presentation and rich, bold flavors of the quality espresso.

My beautiful latte

The menu offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for sweet pancakes or savory eggs or a giant burger. For my meal, I choose the Veggie Hash, which is two sunny side up eggs in a skillet with brussel sprouts, spinach, onions and potatoes. I was beyond satisfied with my selection. The brussel sprouts were a unique addition to breakfast that I had not seen before; not to mention they were delicious and went nicely with all the other items in the skillet. The potatoes were delightfully crispy and seasoned just right. I also appreciated the fact that the portion size wasn’t disgustingly enormous.

Veggie Hash


Clara Cakes – sans granola

Now when I’m in Saint Louis I have Half & Half to look forward to for a tasty breakfast option…and that isn’t half bad.

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