Winner Winner Corned Beef Dinner

Manny’s Coffee Shop & Deli has been dishing out overstuffed corned beef sandwiches and down-home family recipes in a cafeteria-style restaurant since 1942. Since I’ve been devouring Chicago’s best deli food for several years, when Manny’s began their first ever Dessert of the Month Contest, I jumped at the chance to enter. I submitted my blueberry cake recipe; and with a lot of campaigning and unwaning persistence, I was able to secure the win with 261 votes!

As the recipient of such a prestigious award, Manny’s will be selling the blueberry cake throughout July, with 50% of the proceeds being donated to my chosen charity, PAWS. To celebrate the win, a group of friends and me went to the deli for a delicious dinner of turkey ruebens, matzo ball soup, mac and cheese potato pancakes…and Manny’s served the cake 🙂

Turkey Rueben and Potato Pancake

Matzo Ball Soup

Mac and Cheese

Blueberry cake for me and all my friends!

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