Meals on Wheels

Over the past year a culinary trend has been “wheeling” out all over Chicagoland. Already seen in some cities like New York and Los Angeles, Food Trucks are finally gracing the streets of the Windy City. This innovative concept brings another dimension to the already competitive restaurant scene. Because a Food Truck’s location is always changing, many of them Tweet their location to their followers to make accessing their eats easier. Quite frankly I find the whole Food Truck process to be so exciting, it makes my tongue wag and my heart beat faster.

Last night was Food Truck Tuesday in the CB2 parking lot in Lincoln Park. Every Tuesday in July, a rotating group of trucks park their mobile restaurants together from 4-7 PM.  Two friends and I went, hungry to try several different trucks at once. It was such a fun and delicious activity for a warm summer night! There are a few Food Trucks that I’ve wanted to try that were not there last night, so I am already looking forward to seeing who’s there next week.

It was so nice meeting Roman, the driver of one of three Meatyballs Mobile Food Trucks. From him we purchased Meatyballs (beef, pork, four cheese sauce, truffle oil) and Chef’s Special Balls (yesterday it was chicken meatballs). It was decided that the Meatyballs were better than the Chef’s Special Balls, because the latter was a bit dry and lacked sauce. We also tried the Truffle-Dusted Potato chips, which were insane – amazingly crunchy and perfectly flavored with truffle salt and truffle oil – I could get addicted to those. Finally, we couldn’t resist the white chocolate salty balls, Oreo cookie formed into a ball and dipped in chocolate; how could that be bad?!

Meatyballs Truck

Chef’s Special Balls

Truffle-Dusted Chips

Chocolate Balls

I love a good tamale and what better way to get it than from a Mexican cowboy wearing a sombrero and a wrestling mask?! The Tamalii Space Charros Food Truck did not disappoint. I had the Chicken barbacoa tamale with green chile mole sauce. The chicken was seasoned with authentic Mexican spices and the mole sauce was unique and delicious, and however, quite necessary, as the mesa shell was slightly dry. They were sold out of every other kind so I will hit them up next time to try a different kind.

Ordering my tamale – check out those masks!!!

Chicken Tamale

The Gaztro-Wagon was the highlight of the night. After we had purchased most of our items, we headed to get a naan-wich. Much to our dismay, they were sold out. Slightly disappointed, we found our way to a curb to sit on and eat our Food Truck grub. Not long after sitting, the very generous Gaztro-Wagon Guy delivered three piping hot Caprese naan-wiches to our curb location! The tomatoes and onions with mozzarella and pesto on pillow-soft naan bread were simple yet amazing. I will definitely find the Gaztro-Wagon again to try other naan-wiches.

Gaztro Truck

Caprese Naan-Wiches

Finally, we tried Sweet Ride for dessert. Emblazoned with pink and yellow flames and sporting a “YUMM” license plate, this has to be the cutest truck on the road. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel quite as fondly about their sweet treats. We had red velvet and chocolate whoopie pies and banana pudding. The whoopie pies were average; and the banana pudding, I wanted to like it so badly because I am always looking for a Chicago version of NYC’s Magnolia Bakery banana pudding, but this did not fit the bill. The pudding wasn’t creamy and the flavor lackluster. But I’m not writing off Sweet Ride yet; their mini cupcakes were sold out, so I must have missed the best treat. There’s always next week! 

Sweet Ride

Banana pudding

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