Small Plate Evolution

First there were Spanish tapas restaurants. Then came Italian small plate restaurants. Now there is GT Fish and Oyster, a small plate restaurant featuring the wonderful fruits of the sea. Part of the Boka Restaurant Group, Chef Giuseppe Tentori (GT) is really rocking the boat in the sea of small plates.

I had the pleasure of dining at GT last night with my husband and another couple. The smallish restaurant was cozy with the perfectly dimmed lights wrapped in fisherman’s rope, maple hardwood floors, and rustic white panel walls, allowing you to feel, just for a moment, that maybe you’re on vacation somewhere off the coast of New England.

The food was delivered to our table in a perfectly timed trickle, allowing us to savor each last bite before the next dish arrived. We loved and devoured everything we ate. The following were some of my favorites.

The Glazed Cod with miso, asparagus puree, preserved mango and black tobiko tasted like candy (seriously!) with the sweet sauce and impeccable preparation. This dish was almost too pretty to eat!

Miso glazed cod

Next, were the Grilled Mahi Tacos. When it comes to fish tacos, they can be so right or oh so wrong, and damn these were so spot on! Seasoned with achiote spice and smoked crema, I was really feelin’ the love.

Grilled Mahi Taco

Until last night, I had never been lucky enough to try a lobster roll but I was told that I was starting at the top GT’s Lobster Roll. The large pieces of lobster were placed inside the most incredible roll, almost like a piece of bread folded into a bun. The bread was buttered and toasted to perfection, and tasted like I was biting into whatever heaven would taste like if you bit into it. We ordered a second roll after eating the first.

Lobster Roll

I love macaroni and cheese. It is one of my many weaknesses. I haven’t met many cheese smothered noodles that I couldn’t resist. But GT Lobster Mac and Cheese was different and by different, I mean special. The orecchiette pasta was a unique touch, playing nicely off the lobster chunks. While mac and cheese dishes tend to be insanely rich, this one took it down a notch, which meant I kept finding my fork back inside the bowl.

GT Lobster Mac and Cheese

Also enjoyed but not pictured, Blue Point oysters, king crab legs, tuna poke, baja shrimp bruschetta and soft shell crab.

Leave room for dessert? Somehow we did. In fact, we managed to try three of the desserts: the carrot cake, the key lime pie in a jar and the peanut butter chocolate dessert. Our only disappointment was the peanut butter chocolate dessert…that and the fact that I couldn’t get a reservation in two weeks for my birthday.

Key Lime Pie

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